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Swiss Skincare Excellence

SwissOxx represents Swiss Excellence skincare, born from the purity of the Swiss glaciers, to give consumers a beauty and wellness experience, which starts from the nature of one of the richest territories of valuable and high quality raw materials.

We have paid attention to all details, starting with Swiss technology and innovation, offering exclusive formulations with refined and valuable raw materials that have exceptional properties on the skin.

The fusion of natural actives and molecules, peptides, hyaluronic acid and other innovative technologies, allow a process of cell regeneration, stimulation of natural collagen production and a deep action that prevents and counteracts the signs of aging and oxidative stress of dermal cells.

The concentration of active ingredients makes the formulas effective from the first use, and a limited amount of product is needed to achieve visible effects.

We use only valuable raw materials and extracts for our formulas, such as:

Biomimetic peptides, caviar extracts, floral stem cells, double molecular weight hyaluronic acid, antioxidant vitamins and fruit extracts, revitalizing Swiss thermal water, Moringa extracts, marine phytoplankton plasma, and many more…

In SwissOxx products you will feel the quality and effectiveness of MADE IN SWITZERLAND!

The products are divided into different Collections, each addressing a particular need and problem of facial skin.

With the consistent use of SwissOxx creams, serums and masks, you can have fresh, purified, detoxified, regenerated, smoothed, protected, plumped skin and diminished wrinkles every day.

SwissOxx also pays attention to the environment above all, thus creating elegant, sustainable and recyclable glass packaging and using anti-waste dispensers that dispense a minimal amount of product, enough to give the results promised by the formulations.

Consumer Tests conducted show 100% satisfaction results from consumers, due to the innovative technologies and raw materials used by our laboratories.

Discover our

SwissOxx offers different carefully selected product Collections, each responding to specific needs.
The sophisticated packaging design and the sustainability of the materials used confirm the Brand’s focus on the environment.

Urban Detox
Creme e sieri viso Urban Detox
Urban Detox
Crema e maschera viso Pure
Sublime Platinum
Crema e siero viso Sublime Platinum Night
Sublime Platinum

URBAN DETOX is the skincare SwissOxx Collection designed for a target group of women and men who live in metropolises.
When the skin is particularly exposed to the smog and fine particles, typical of chaotic cities, when it is stressed by everyday life and dehydrated, the solution is Urban Detox!
The Collection’s products have a preventive action aimed at protecting the skin from smog, fine dust and infrared light. At the same time they also have a curative action, tackling dryness by detoxifying and purifying the skin. This combination of serums, masks and creams regenerates and oxygenates the skin using rich and harmonious compositions of antioxidant, detoxifying and repairing complexes.


What is the perfect skincare for you?

Each skin is different, as are the treatments that help protect it, help us understand what your skin type is and we will advise you on how to take care of it.

The secrets of the Beauty Routine Made in Switzerland

Free from a tired look!

The importance of keeping the skin hydrated

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