I segreti della Beauty Routine

The secrets of the Beauty Routine Made in Switzerland

Innovative and precious formulations


Swiss Cosmetics are among the most popular in the world! The reason lies behind the magnificent natural territories, rich in pure and precious raw materials. In addition to these, the cutting-edge technological and biotechnological processes, used in cosmetic laboratories and in research, also ensure that Made in Swiss in the Beauty field is in high demand. In short … Swiss excellence is recognized almost everywhere.

Our Swiss laboratory makes use of precious and natural raw materials and advanced technologies and biotechnologies, which allow us to have unique products for innovative formulations, effectiveness and naturalness, which guarantee the expected results and meet expectations.



Skin nourishment and hydration allow you to prevent and counteract the signs of aging, at the same time, many of the ingredients contained in SwissOxx products, such as Moringa Complex, Essential Minerals, combinations of Probiotics, allow you to protect, act as a shield against fine dust, blue lights, infrared lights and perform a detoxifying action on the skin. Protect and moisturize are the keywords for a perfect, nourished, radiant skin.

Ingredients are a great strength of SwissOxx products, but there is also great attention to the theme of environmentalism, highlighted through the use of sustainable packaging, both for the primary product and for the packaging used for the e-commerce.

Another essential condition to highlight the results of our Made in Swiss cosmetics is consistency! Using SwissOxx products daily allows you to restore the cells of the dermis, with a consequent rejuvenating effect, a compact and homogeneous complexion, smooth and velvety skin like silk!