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Free from a tired look!

Our skin is increasingly subjected to stress, pollutants, continuous stresses that weaken and dehydrate. The face can therefore be dull, the complexion is uneven and marked dark circles and fine lines.

To make the skin of the face shine again, the use of masks is essential.

The beauty mask is the easiest way to treat your face after a stressful day at work or a sleepless night, but it is also useful for cleansing, moisturizing, purifying, toning, energizing, detoxifying, nourishing the skin.


Masks are a fundamental component in our beauty routine… they allow us to have a “new” skin and combined with serums and creams day and night, they make our face brighter.

The SwissOxx, Pure Mask and Superfruit Mask, used once or twice a week, allow you to purify, nourish and reinvigorate the skin, making it radiant and restoring evenness to the complexion.